Equine hyperlipidemia

Attention! This is a potentially life-threatening condition for your horse. Time is of the essence, contact your veterinarian immediately.Find a Vet

Equine Hyperlipidemia

Equine hyperlipidemia is a severe, life-threatening medical condition that is seen predominately in miniature horses, donkeys and ponies. It occurs as a result of a sudden and significant breakdown of body fat stores. Adult female animals with insulin resistance (IR), pregnant, or increased nutrient demands have a predisposition to Hyperlipidemia. Trigger factors for predisposed individuals include stress, pain, disease, inadequate feed intake, feed changes, and transportation. Secondary hyperlipemia can occur with enterocolitis, dental disease, bacterial infections, colic impactions, and parasitism. Secondary complications of hyperlipemia include hypovolemia, electrolyte imbalances and hepatorenal insufficiency.

Risk Factors

  • Insulin resistance (IR)
  • Pregnancy