Wheat Middlings


Wheat middlings (commonly referred to as wheat midds) are a byproduct of wheat. It is what is remaining after most of the flour is extracted from wheat during miling. Wheat middlings contain higher levels of fiber, protein, and minerals then wheat grain with reduced amounts of starch and energy. They have a high phosphorus content, which will typically need to be offset with a calcium supplement if wheat middlings constitute a significant portion of the horse's diet. Wheat middlings are a popular ingredient in pelleted horse feeds.

Nutrient Content

Associated Feeds

  • Triple Crown SafeChoice Original icon
  • Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX  icon
  • Triple Crown Lite icon
  • Triple Crown Total Lifetime Care icon
  • Triple Crown Low Starch icon
  • Buckeye EQ8 Gut Health icon
  • Buckeye Cadence Ultra icon
  • Buckeye Trifecta icon
  • Buckeye Pleasure Sweet icon
  • Buckeye Supreme 14 icon
  • Buckeye Growth Pelleted icon
  • Blueseal Dynasty Show 12/6 Pellet icon
  • Blueseal Dynasty Pro 14/6 Pellet icon
  • Blueseal Dynasty Grow 16/6 Pellet icon
  • Blueseal Dynasty Senior 14/6 Pellet icon
  • Blueseal Min–A–Vite Lite icon
  • Equis Golden Senior icon
  • Bartlett Steady Energy Formula icon
  • Premium Growth Pellet icon
  • ProAdvantage Alfalfa Formula icon
  • ProAdvantage Adult Supplement icon
  • Element icon
  • Poulin Decade Complete 13:3 Pellet icon
  • Poulin Decade Stable Sweet Traditions  icon
  • Poulin Equi-Pro Pro Max 12% Pellet icon
  • Decade Endurance Sport 11:8 Pellet icon
  • Hay Stretcher  icon
  • Legends CarbCare Senior icon
  • Equi-14 Textured icon
  • Safe Performance icon
  • Safe Performance Senior icon
  • Performance XL icon
  • Safe Performance Special Diet icon