Ascorbate Vitamin C

Used as an antioxidant, reducing agent which forms stable metal salts and reduce methemoglobin, acidfy urine, reduce chromium nephrotoxicty and copper induced hepatopathy. Used in the treatment of certain drug (potassium permanganate, quinines, toluidine, sufonamides, acetaminophen, phenacetin, benzocaine, hydroquinones, phenacetin, hydrazine), plant (Red Maple (Acer rubrum), Pig Weed (Amaranthus), Johnson Grass (Sorghum), various weeds and feed grain plants that have been stressed with drought or herbicide and thereby accumulate nitrates), and metal poisonings (copper, iron, tellurium, cobalt, lead, arsenic, selenium, chromium, nitrate-nitrite, aniline).
Nitrate Poisoning, Red Maple Toxicosis, Pigweed Toxicosis, Johnson Grass Toxicity, Selenium Toxicity, Iron Poisoning, Copper Toxicosis

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