tropane alkaloids
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wasteareas, woodlands

Geographical Distribution

Deadly Nightshade distribution - United States

Related Species

Deadly Nightshade

Atropa belladonna

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Deadly Nightshade ( Atropa belladonna) is a branching perennial from the nightshade family Solanaceae. It is found worldwide. The plant can grow to a height of 2 m (6.6 ft) and contains ovate green leaves, bell-shaped greenish-purple flowers, and fleshy berries which are initially green but turn black as they age. Deadly nightshade’s roots, leaves and berries are extremely toxic---containing multiple tropane alkaloids, specifically atropine, hyocyamine and scopolamine. These chemicals act by competitively blocking the binding of acetylcholine to the central nervous system and parasympathetic postganglionic muscarinic receptors.

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