glycosides irritants
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gardens, ornamental, woodlands, pastures

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Eucalyptus distribution - United States


Eucalyptus spp

Spotted Gum
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Eucalyptus spp. include over 500 different trees and shrubs which are native to Australia, Tasmania, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Eucalyptus tree horses
They found growing in the hillsides of California and occasionally the Southern states of the United States and throughout Australia. Eucalyptus spp. are known for their beautiful bark. Their leaves contain an essential oil, which release a highly aromatic smell when damaged. The fruit appears as a capsule and the flowers consist of multiple shapes, colors and sizes.

Toxic components
Eucalyptus spp. are contact-dermatitis causing plants, which can cause contact dermatitis in horses. Some species of Eucalyptus also have been known to contain cardiac glycosides.

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