Toxic Parts:
soluble oxalates
Flower Color:
  • flower color
haybales, meadows

Time of Greatest Risk


Geographical Distribution

Pangola grass  distribution - United States

Related Species

Pangola Grass

Digitaria eriantha

Common Finger Grass, Digit Grass, Woolly Finger Grass, Digitaire, Pangola, Pasto Pangola, Smuts Finger Grass. Giant Pangola Grass, Pangola Gigante, Pongola Grass
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Pangola grass (Digitaria eriantha) is a perennial grass which is an extremely variable species that comprises a number of morphologically different former species. D. eriantha is often used for hay and pasture in tropical and subtropical regions due to its ability to withstand heavy grazing. It is native to tropical South Africa and was introduced to many subtropical and tropical areas worldwide.

Toxic components
D. eriantha contains varying levels of soluble oxalates and has a risk of causing oxalate-related toxic symptoms to horses, especially those more susceptible.