Toxic Parts:
glycosides, furanocoumarins, sesquiterpenes, lactones ferulenol
Flower Color:
  • flower color
woodlands, shrublands, meadows

Geographical Distribution

Giant fennel distribution - United States

Related Species

Giant Fennel

Ferula communis

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Giant fennel (Ferula communis) is a tall, latex-containing herbaceous perennial from the Apiaceae (carrot) family. The plant contains a large number of toxic compounds, including sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene coumarins, sesquiterpene lactones, and sulfur-containing compounds. Ferulenol, a prenyl coumarin is the most toxic compound. Ingestion of ferulenol causes ferulosis in horses, which is a lethal haemorrhagic disorder that develops due to an inhibition of blood clotting. There have been several cases of poisoning which have occurred in numerous animal species, including horses.