Symptoms Reference

Abnormal gait
Behavior, abnormal
Behavior, aimlessly wandering
Behavior, depressed
Behavior, restlessness
Behavior, submerging head in water
Biting or kicking at abdomen
Breathing, abnormal noise
Breathing, exaggerated expiratory effort
Breathing, labored
Constant vocalization or change in whinny
Cranial nerve signs
Decreased or loss of appetite
Difficulty swallowing
During exercise, decreased stride length
During exercise, poor performance
During exercise, reduced ability to bend neck
During exercise, rushing or refusing jumps
During exercise, uncomfortable at one lead
Ear sensitivity
Edema or swelling
Enlarged lymph nodes
Eyes, bulging
Eyes, cloudy
Eyes, discharge
Eyes, enlarged (dilated) pupils
Eyes, impaired vision
Eyes, prolapse of third eyelid
Eyes, redness
Eyes, squinting or keeping eyelid shut
Eyes, sunken in
Fat distribution, abnormal
Feces, bloody or red-colored
Feces, decreased or absent of
Found dead
Frequent and/or involuntary urination or dribbling
Gum color, darkened
Gum color, pale
Gum color, yellow (jaundice)
Hair coat, bugs or eggs visable
Hair coat, loss of
Hair coat, unusually thick and/or curly
Head shaking
Head tilt
History, chronic or recurring colic
Hoof, black discharge
Hoof, bounding digital pulse
Hoof, flaking off
Hoof, foul odor
Hoof, response to hoof testers
Incoordination (ataxia)
Itching/scratching, frequently
Lack of gut sounds
Lameness, sudden and severe
Limbs, bilateral swelling
Limbs, cold to touch
Limbs, excessive swelling
Limbs, swelling in all four
Limbs, swelling in one leg
Limbs, warmth or heat present
Loss of suckling ability
Mouth, excessive salivation
Mouth, foul odor
Movement, weakness
Muscle tremors, spasms, or twitching
Muscle wasting
Nasal discharge
Neck, frequently extending
Neck, pulsating jugular vein
Oral cavity, mouth sores
Pain when touched
Penile prolapse
Reluctance to move
Repetitive laying down/getting up
Rolling or attempting to roll
Shows irritation when tightening girth
Skin, crusting or scaling
Skin, dry or flaky
Skin, hives
Skin, lesions
Skin, loose
Skin, lumps
Skin, oozing
Skin, reddening
Stance, base-wide or weight shifting
Stance, dog-sitting
Stance, parked out
Stance, recumbency
Stance, tucked up
Stretching out as if to urinate
Sweating, excessive
Teeth grinding
Toe dragging
Unexpected abortion
Urine, abnormal color
Vitals, decreased heart rate
Vitals, fever
Vitals, increased heart rate
Vitals, low body temperature
Weight loss
Yawning, frequently